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Apr 1, 2012

late dinner...

hello bloggers.
happy earth hour and eppy weekend uolls.
830pm, all the lights at office was shut off until 930pm.
berkerja hanya berpandukan LAMPU izzit?!
so hw u guys celeb the Earth Hour's day?
sokonglah apa yg kite wat nih...baik utk semua :)
hell yeah!!

so after work, me and puaka2 sekalian went to KL.
then we had a late dinner kat Kg. Baru..HR Steak House.
slalunye bile i dtg sini layanan elok jek..but tat night the service so damn bad. erhhhh tension i...
but ape2 pon makan ttp makan.
my recommendation : Lamp Chop. nom nom nommmm...

 me and nanis enjoyed our meals. Lamp Chop with watermelon juice. heavenly :)

he showed his tired face. macam die sorg je yg keje kan. dang!!

ehemm ehemmm sweet kan kan kan???

si selenge with si sengal

sengal a.k.a miza

dak kecik tu nantoks. nak tido konon!!

- sekian -


miza&tummy said...

eyh itu kite ar ngn kwn2 tite!yummmyy!