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Mar 13, 2012

lets do the survey---m u s i c

1. Are you Male or Female?
  = ofcorse la female.
2. How old are you?
  = ehemm ehemm turn to 28 end of this year :)
3. Would you rather a higher ratio of images to text or vice versa?
  = can i choose both bcos i dun an idea about that!
ohh i think my choose is VICE VERSA. ahaks :)
4. Who is/are you favorite artist?
  = Adele...currently
5. How much would you be willing to pay for a school magazine?
  = i dun buy any. just borrow from friends :)
6. What would you like to see in a Music Magazine?
  = yuna with her guitars or maybe my lovie with his guitar. can huhh??
7. Would you like competitions or game pages within a music magazine?
  = no
8. How often do you read Music Magazines ?
  = Rarely, 1-3 times a year
9. What Genre of music do you prefer?
 = Rock/indie
   = R&B
  = Dance
  = Country


m a r i s s a said...

i love ur music selection! more or less same like mine!

* i've been your silent reader for quite sometime, baru ni la ade courage nak tinggalkan comment, anyway, i need more followers, jom la follow my blog! hehehe.. tq!!

Usmi Syahida said...

tq marissa...will follow u later k :)

i am ur follower now :)