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Mar 10, 2012

hello bloggers and readers.

wish u guys haf a great Saturday.
gigi masih terase sakit. auchh :(
by the way,time flies so fast.. from a bby girl to grown-up women. im so called myself as boyish past 10 years ago and who can imagined that i could changed it at this moment?i found my dream as cinderella and i love to be cinderella to everyone that i loves!

almost 2 years bekerja dengan ** untuk merealisasikan project2 yg terhebat di pasaran. HUHh..hebat kew?! at tis moment, im planning to buy a new clothes and shoes for kerja. no more casual after this. susahnye nak pakai formal. buka almari dah kene menung lame2 baju yg tergantung. bencinye.
i make a lot of changed. hmm sejak duk umah bujang nih, banyak bende yg i buat sendri which is jarang buat kat rumah. i can cook now even Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin. went to market beli barang dapur, and macam2 lagi taw buy yet masih byk yg i perlu dipelajari.
im pretty sure that Abah will proud of me :)
Abah is my hero and no one can replace him. i dun expect much hope from lovie to be like Abah just i do hope he can take care of me like how Abah do.


KiD said...

hai hai hai...
shakiddo was here...

miza&tummy said...

yep abah will proud with u :)

Usmi Syahida said...


miza :)