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Feb 29, 2012


hello everyone...
last entry for Feb 2012
lots of thing happened.
bad sad happy....everything...
but what could i says, JUST BE STRONG.
i through all the obstacle with REDHA.

jeng jeng jeng...
last night was my first night stayed at our new house.
Bukit Kinrara.
awesome house...
yellow green for hall and dining
my room are so BIGGGGGG....
and my roomate : PENAKUT!..ngegege

will upload more picas..
stay tuned!!!

Feb 16, 2012

a RED day...

hello helloo...
heppi Thursday..and eppi last day training at TMTC for me and all Unifi's trainee.
hw u guys doing?

harini ari MERAH sedunia...
ops...salah salah..
ari merah SEPUAKA..(kecuali si Puaka SABAH & terengganu  bahaha ;p
bak kate miza, merah cam kaler halau lembu...
tapi merah itu COOL...and LOVE..

Feb 15, 2012

dah ade kawan

ding dong...

say hello to my new follow , miza

she has her own blog now. congrats my dear puaka miza :p
and her new entry is so super cool...
wanna now wat izzit??

jz follow miza  :)

Feb 14, 2012

i feel so hungreeyyyy...
relax-ing day makes me going crazy by google-ing all the dessert.
and one of them is

trifle cake

i need the recipes.


hello is LOVE's day...hmm ppl called by the name VALENTINE's DAY.
dun get me not celebrated it...for me everyday is LOVE's day so we haf to celebrate it everyday. oyeahh...

3 weeks and 2nd day of training...
we jz re-view the system..the process flow..etc.
the trainer is busy-ing with time-sheet.
the trainees?? we are so bz with the blogs..the talks and the cell-phone.
#freedomdaytoeveryone :)

i am freaking love my friends.
they're so PUAKA but " dalam hati ade kasih "
totally can't wait to stay together.
ohh..actually i'll move to Puchong.time to be "independence" (konon)
mommy and nenda dah excited gimme lot of stuff to bringing in to my NEW CASTLE. huhu..poyo kan..

will update more after everything was settle down.
luff u guys muchh..muahh

Feb 10, 2012

pon ponnn

haa...sape yg berminat je k..
kemasukan segara..kalo boleh call terus..
jgn nak msg2...susah nak explain.

kerjasama anda amat di hargai.

mekaceh bebeh


room to rent

Monthly Rent: RM 250 Type: Rooms, For rent Area: Puchong
Size: 525 sq.ft. Furnished: Partially furnished
Property Type:Houses
Facilities: Mini market, Balcony/Patio, Cable TV

- ada 1 kekosongan bilik ( untuk 2org )
- ada tv, mesin basuh, peti ais, sofa, set dapur dll
- kemasukan awal bulan 3
- berdekatan dengan ioi mall , tesco, giant, bank, 7e dll ( 10 minutes - 15 minutes )
- deposit 2+1 tidak termasuk utilities
- non smoking
- good attitude
- female malay

jika berminat sila hubungi :
please call to booking .... :)

yanie : 0193681230
miza : 0162257143
atikah : 0195240703
usmi :0166667874

Feb 3, 2012


hello everybody..
rindu i tak?
well jz got a perfect time to post my new entry.
im hell missing the blog badly.

will post a new entry soon..

c ya :)