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Nov 25, 2010

what a day :(


hello korang, im so sad right now.
today is the sad day...
**im a cry baby and no one can take that title from me!**
actually, hari ni we all, TMIS batch 189B dpt result either we're selected to continue our journey for streamyx or we've to packing our stuff back. this is it!!!!
kawan2 i ckp " Usmi, u nak risau ape, OJA u 5 lepas, second sitting pon power, confirm u lepas punye."
Even i berada di paras yg selamat but i've still have that NERVOUS's feeling.. Damn it, im totally hate this feeling..

thank GOD, im selected. Alhamdulillah.

Time i pre-mock call i jz got 1 call to survive?? and at time i rase cam nak bungkus je, nak cari keje lain...down gile time tuh....but this one man told me " Usmi, jgn risau, ni baru mock call, OJA nnti u buat sehabes mungkin" so i proved it...and i did it! The man is our trainer since we're at Menara TM, En Sabirin and i use to called him with the name En.Sab. but.............habes je i jawab 2nd sitting Aini told me that En Sab dah tak jadi trainer kami lagi. Shocked!!! he was transfered to other department. Aini told that kami akan dipecahkan kepada 2 group which is one group will join kelas A (trainer : en ikhwan) and 2 group will join kelas C (trainer : en Sazali). and the best is, i dapat kelas en Ikhwan. oh man,i can't accepted that!!!!! im seriously not in good mood to work now. i really can't. 

when En Sazali said that En Sab bukan sengaja nak tinggalkan kami, it bring me to tears..not only me but semua kawan2 i. We missing him so much and he's the best trainer. We'll never ever forget him. We hope, En Sab akan sentiase berjaya and terus berjaya. Amin!~

i really missing my friends now. i wish we can still together now. i really wish and i believe in miracle. 

oh God, please gimme find the way and please give us strength to face all this. we wont let this burden bring us down, so do En Sab...!please help us...!!

 (en Sab : green Baju Melayu)

TMIS batch 189B

our memories in Menara TM.