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Aug 19, 2010

they love me and i am sorry :(

again i jz messed a life up. n now it's being worse to worst.
i admit i make a big mistake, i admit i am too careless and i am admit that i am DUMB.
i make everybody worried and get into this trouble. i am so sorry and i jz can say that i dont meant that.
i haf no idea what went wrong jz i admit it was my fault.

i thought i haf nobody in this world after Abah was gone. i thought no one care and love me...
im i know how much they love me. they willing to do everything to help me. 
when it's happened to me, they asked me to relax and cool down.
i keep crying every single minutes jz bcos im feel bad. im a bad bad bad daughter, sister and very bad girl. im so useless...i dun even care bout them before. im sell-fish.

mummy,kak long, kak ma, and all of so sorry. even a million times im saying this word but it's still not enuff and cant fix it izzit?? i jz wanna u noe that im not lied and im telling the truth. God knows....
Abah, im sorry. i noe u're sad. i really wish u were here. and i miss you.