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Aug 8, 2010

thank you.

they said they dun noe how to comment n understanding me bcos i've been quite for a long time.who's ego actually?? me?? ohh really?? thnx...and u guys are not...and PERFECT...!!!
oh..forget...they haf their own life and new life as fiance..girlfriend..wifey and so on.....bla bla bla...
when i had a car crash..not even once come to comfort me, text me up nether... it's ok...jz a small problem.
i did update about nenda at FB started nenda was admitted to GH but still no one text me up or either come to visit me there untill nenda's funeral.. where did they gone?? i don't even know..!! that's all excuses are **** off!!!
i had SPOILED this friendship izzit??
so....i make a move..

this is it!!!