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Aug 10, 2010

Salam Ramadhan

first of all i wanna thnx to God for gimme chance to perform my Ibadah Puasa for this year (even i can't fasting but im still glad cos im still breathe). next, to my mom who is always care about me and love me ( even sometime she looked like ......heheh) and to all my family, friends and readers. 
actually, I've been messed a life up again. something went wrong and i admit i did wrong (with a hell enuff reason and prove) but still i admit it was my fault cos im too BODOH!! yet, i deserve it..! thank you USMI...
i'll never forgive myself. 

im thinking about sumthing that i'll never thought i wanna do it in me life even jz once...but.....arghhh that ridiculous! stop it usmi....dun think too much...

2nd year fasting w/out Abah.Ya Allah, im totally missing my dad badly. i cnt stop crying while tying this entry. astaghfirullahalazim.
first year fasting w/out nenda and i miss her too
but thnx to Allah cos this Ramadhan bring someone to me life back. Thankyou Ya Allah..

to all bloggers, 
happy fasting. hopefully it brings a million happiness and smile in ur life.