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Aug 31, 2010

Malaysia National Day

Happy National Day to all MALAYSIAN.
proud to be MALAYSIAN


Aug 27, 2010

FB was deactive.

pls take attention...!
i jz cancel my FB account. there's a few reasons y im doin' this.
i had enuff for using FB and i jz wanna get some rest from everything.
i'll be back soon!
to all my dear friends, im so sorry for doing this. 
but im still active in twitter n blog and i will keep update whenever i haf free.ngeeee

ok, take care all..
love n miss u guys :)

yours faithfully,

Aug 22, 2010

Thank you Ya Allah.

Alhamdulillah Ya Allah...
after a few weeks im looked like a dead person now i can breathe and live this life again.
im so thankful to all my family for helping me to solve the problem.
and im so glad cos i still haf them and i know they love me so much.
i cant total how much i owed their scarification.

in this Ramadhan, i keep pray to Allah to show that im in the right side and hopefully everything will be back to normal. Whatever happen soon, i'll put it aside. 
i could say that these thing happened for a reason and i'll take it as a lesson for my own life i wont let this burden bring me down. i know i can do it!

again, a million thx to my family for all this and we can be more closed each other than before. i luf u all a lot and i know you love me too. 


Aug 19, 2010

they love me and i am sorry :(

again i jz messed a life up. n now it's being worse to worst.
i admit i make a big mistake, i admit i am too careless and i am admit that i am DUMB.
i make everybody worried and get into this trouble. i am so sorry and i jz can say that i dont meant that.
i haf no idea what went wrong jz i admit it was my fault.

i thought i haf nobody in this world after Abah was gone. i thought no one care and love me...
im i know how much they love me. they willing to do everything to help me. 
when it's happened to me, they asked me to relax and cool down.
i keep crying every single minutes jz bcos im feel bad. im a bad bad bad daughter, sister and very bad girl. im so useless...i dun even care bout them before. im sell-fish.

mummy,kak long, kak ma, and all of so sorry. even a million times im saying this word but it's still not enuff and cant fix it izzit?? i jz wanna u noe that im not lied and im telling the truth. God knows....
Abah, im sorry. i noe u're sad. i really wish u were here. and i miss you. 


Aug 10, 2010

Salam Ramadhan

first of all i wanna thnx to God for gimme chance to perform my Ibadah Puasa for this year (even i can't fasting but im still glad cos im still breathe). next, to my mom who is always care about me and love me ( even sometime she looked like ......heheh) and to all my family, friends and readers. 
actually, I've been messed a life up again. something went wrong and i admit i did wrong (with a hell enuff reason and prove) but still i admit it was my fault cos im too BODOH!! yet, i deserve it..! thank you USMI...
i'll never forgive myself. 

im thinking about sumthing that i'll never thought i wanna do it in me life even jz once...but.....arghhh that ridiculous! stop it usmi....dun think too much...

2nd year fasting w/out Abah.Ya Allah, im totally missing my dad badly. i cnt stop crying while tying this entry. astaghfirullahalazim.
first year fasting w/out nenda and i miss her too
but thnx to Allah cos this Ramadhan bring someone to me life back. Thankyou Ya Allah..

to all bloggers, 
happy fasting. hopefully it brings a million happiness and smile in ur life.

Aug 8, 2010

thank you.

they said they dun noe how to comment n understanding me bcos i've been quite for a long time.who's ego actually?? me?? ohh really?? thnx...and u guys are not...and PERFECT...!!!
oh..forget...they haf their own life and new life as fiance..girlfriend..wifey and so on.....bla bla bla...
when i had a car crash..not even once come to comfort me, text me up nether... it's ok...jz a small problem.
i did update about nenda at FB started nenda was admitted to GH but still no one text me up or either come to visit me there untill nenda's funeral.. where did they gone?? i don't even know..!! that's all excuses are **** off!!!
i had SPOILED this friendship izzit??
so....i make a move..

this is it!!!

Aug 4, 2010

totally missing my old friends.

it's hard to say how much i miss my school-mate when i was in primary school.
i did wrong by removing some of them from my FB but i did it with a reason. dun't ask me why...!!!!
Honestly i fuken love them so much. im so miss to hang-out with 'em and laugh like hell together but now everything changed. i'll go with my flow and so do 'em. there's nothing i can do to make it back to normal. 
i wish i can meet-up with all of them one day just pray is always with me. hopefully they're in happy and always happy with their life. one thing that they should remember...I'll NEVER FORGET ABOUT THEM!!!

Aug 1, 2010

keong racun ( mari gelek ramai2)

ayuh dong..gelek jgn tak gelek...

family day at Genting Highland.

i went to genting with office-mate.
even not feel well but im fuken enjoyed with them.
it's too many to story, so there's some of photos and hopefully u guys enjoy it :)

day 1 & 2 
genting highland & genting permai we go......

and more at