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Jul 27, 2010

what's news???just read it ok!

each day life become better, better and better with en.kekaseh. Thank you Ya Allah :)
i wont let SEMAK will happen again and i wont let TIME be the reason of break up..again!!
i love the way he take care of me, the way he love me and be mine!! yes..he's mine! Usmi...sabaarrrr!!!hehehe
all the best to me. yeaahhhhhh :)

i need to do sumthing for my side income....and yes,i jz found it. alhamdulillah.Thank you to my sis kema and i'll pray for both us and hopefully we did it well. InsyaAllah.
and not to forget to kak ngah Ayin for the Go Goeus. i really excited to show people bout this. is not that easy to convince people but i'll do my best for it. Amin~
this both thing make my life brighter and more brighter day by day.hehehe....
(jgn riak's just begin ok!!) ok2..will remember.