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Mar 11, 2010


im in a big damnTROUBLE... u do ur work? never check kew?
this is my very first time buat salah yg macam nih...
n ia melibatkan $$$$$$$$$$$ ayoyoyooooo
kalo seringgit dua, boleh kawan tolong..tpi ini sulah mau 5 angka ma....

How could this happened? let me story...then, take it as a lesson ok!

one upon a time, in office...i had received this one chq with the amount RM$$$,$$$.$$.which is we as a stakeholder btwn the client & the bank.
so, i have to deposit the chq first into company's account and after the chq cleared,then baru boleh i prepare a chq payable to client.
wah bagus2...step by step... mistake was..........
i bank in chq dlm account (1) but keluarkan chq baru dlm account(2)....
so ape yg terjadi? sudah semestinya account (2) over withdrawn.....
and this morning i had received phone called from bank account (2) and said we haf to top up another RM$$,$$$.$$ to cover.wtF...

boss suddently nak balik HQ.
me & kak jue kalut2 prepare chq for client sbb kalo tak nnti kene issue "chq request form" and fax to HQ. byk keje...!
tanpe meneliti dgn lebih mendalam, boss pon signed the chq.( not him fault) yg salah kami sbb tak ek betol2...[kami? no fault]

otak semakin tak tentu..i celaru..pening dan buntu..
i called HQ for help....kak nora, help me...i dah buat satu kesilapan yg bongok...and she said, u settle ngn bank dulu, if there's no other way out...kite buat cash chq from HQ and top up....

the best way....
i haf to call Pn.client and say that we'll prepare a new chq for her and haf to cancel the previous chq. then, i haf to write a letter to the bank saying that we wanna stop the chq payment and the bank will charge rm$$$.$$.
aduh..banyak keje i nak kene buat..tu la..sape suruh cuai sangat..!
btw, a million thanks to Pn.Client cos bertimbang rasa dan sympathy dgn i. im so sorry for everythings....wawaa..terharu..nak nangis...
not to forget to kak julie, en zainal & encik Ismail for helping me :(

jasa korang dikenang.