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Feb 8, 2010

dear MAK,

dear mak, 

sorry for what was happened yesterday. i never meant to hurt you and not even meant to raise my voice to you. i am to stress.. i can't keep this anymore. i am so damn tired and i can't do it all alone. 
with the msg u have send to me past week ago i thought u r really meant it but at the end u disappointed me.
i know how feel before, with the LAYANAN yang teruk from HER and with what was SHE did to you but, u keep remembered me and said, take this as a life experience and be a good to everybody. just ignore what people gonna talk about you or else..bcos u will get it back in return.
i keep the word.

it's ok la mak, i never put a blame on you bcos u r my mother. Let forget the all things happened. i will try to handle it as good as i can.
God willing.

i love you mak...really love you.
pls call me or text me up.