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Dec 15, 2009

shopping............window shopping.........

i just went back from lunch ngn office mate i..we having our lunch kat A&W (again) and i am so enjoying makan waffer with 2 scoops of ice cream with strawberry topping. perhhhh....yumm yummmy...

Then we pusing2 Wangsa Walk Mall and kebetulan my manager tgh mencari perfume. so singgah le ke F&E Perfume. i ni dah la sangat obsessed dgn fragrances lagi syok la i duk lame2 dlm kedai tuh..hehee ;p My manager was bought Euphoria Perfume yg juga one of my list for fragrances.
takpe la...die dah bli so i kene usha yang lain. and i saw "Lacoste Classic for Women"
wooww...i nak i nak..beli beli...hehee...

Euphoria by Calvin Klein & Lacoste Classic for Women

oh..harap2 dapat bonus, confirm i will buy this Lacoste =D pls boss pls..bagilah bonus 2 months..tak byk kan..!??haha
ok2...haf to stop here now bcos nak cont buat keje...cari collection sampai dapat bonus...i have to submit before 25th December 2009. All the best Usmi :)