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Dec 17, 2009

Happy 4rd Birthday to DINA ♥

17th December 1995
HKL 11:58pm

Today is my niece's birthday. Happy birthday Dina. Udhe loves you lotssss...
We live together since Dina was delivered..i saw she grown up every single day and omG...Dina dah besar rupenye...u're already 4 years old and become a "KAKAK" soon.

everybody said that Dina n I byk persamaan such as :

i love makeup, so do Dina...
i love to dance..oh,dina too obsessed with dance,
we love cheese and tibits and bla bla..
and we're cute...people knows that..hehe

last year, i dah beli a set of school stationery bcos DIna love to write and read a book.
so this year i still tak de idea nak bagi ape for birthday gift.
ape2 it must be something yg Dina suke..
and surpriiseeeee....

anyway...HaPPy BiRThdaY DINA...