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Dec 16, 2009

Gain People's Respect

Being respected is something that very important. We all want our friends and family to look up to us and think of us as who u are. Gaining respect can be difficult, if people aren't used to giving it to you.

The best way to earn respect is by meaning what u say. Be honest at all times. People want to be around someone who is truthful. Don't make promises if u cannot keep it well and don't give people false hopes. This is simply a disaster waiting.

Don't badmouth to other people. When you talk negatively about someone else, the person you're talking to often wonders if u're doing the same thing to them behind their back. Do give ur honest opinion about others if they asked for.

Respect can be a tricky word. Sometimes people can respect you for things u don't like bout urself. The most important thing is that u have self-respect. If everyone in the world respects you, it doesn't matter at all if you don't respect yourself. Figure out your strong points and where you want to improve.


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