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Dec 23, 2009

December full with happiness

hey, how is everybody? =D
i havent written anything here for almost a week...wat along time.

Probably, im too happy in december 2009..not bcos birthdae i je there's a lot of good things happened in this few getting better :)

1. izza's wedding - being a reunion for me, farah, eja & apit. we had so much fun together :)

2. dina's birthday - mak, ajam, kema & family , kak long & famil, caer, iwan, adik, awey & me. woww...sumer ade :)

3. bby's bdae : even lambat 1 day to celebrated, but me & bby enjoyed chilling just both of us. seroonokkkk =D

4. i met sum1 that haf been so loooonnnngg time never met up. and thnx for the gift :)

5. newborn nephew on 23rd december 2009 which is TODAY ;)

6. and a loooooooooootttttttssssssss thingssssssss happened make me haaapppyyyyyyyy