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Nov 24, 2009

- it's over -

dear you..

here i wanna apologize for all those things happened.
i can't fix it...and im not going to fix it..! at first, i thought i jz wanna sum space for me and for us, figure out what is right or wrong. try to changed bad feeling to the opposite side..try to understand each other... i dun wanna make things worst..i dun wanna hear people's judgement.. and i tak nak people keep blaming you or me bcos they dun event knoe what's actually going on!
yes, that was my fault when it come to an end...but this not what i want to....!
i tak planned semua ni..this relationship is wrong...i can't event trust u anymore and i knoe u haf the same
feeling kan?
honestly, i sayang u, but this is not the best for us.

so I wanna let you go,n will never turn back time. there's sum1 deserve to you out there...!

time to say Goodbye... u'll always a friend in my life..!

thank you for everything and sorry a lots......!