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Nov 27, 2009

- tragedi malam raye haji -


Aduh, pedih hati tak terkate bile dapat taw yg umah i kene pecah masok...di malam raye pulak tuh..
sanggup toi si penyangak tu wat2 keje time raye camni...bongookkk..!!
baru je sehari mak n ewan tinggalkan umah tuh, dah jadi camni...rase nye mangkuk hayun tu mmg dah usha lame kot..!
u guys nak taw die msok ikut mane?TINGKAP yang di grill...die cabut all the skru...and masok ikut situ...creative sungguh...
tempat yang paling teruk diselerakkan tempat sembahyang mak....
habes sume die sepahkan...berterabur sume barang...yang sedih, takkan la die tak rase bersalah buat keje2 tuh bile nampak qu'ran, kitab2....sejadah ke....
and die macam taw2 je kat mane my mum letak barang kemas i...
dah la nenek yg bagi...habes sume die sapu...
bilik my brother yg sulung tu pon teruk gak...
all the money yg die simpan utk wat hantaran habes, perfume2...jam2....bags pon die sapu...naseb la hp baru abg i tuh die tak nampak....
bilik My Abah pon die sepahkan jugak.....but takde ape yg penting...cume document2 pnting tuh die sepah2..n koyak...
bilik i,my adik2 and guest room naseb xde brg yg penting...cume nak kemas balik tuh sabar jap la kan....
umm..takpe2...Tuhan akan balas balik kat die nnti...tunggu je la....

Nov 26, 2009

- terimbas kembali zaman KOLEJ -

the last picture with arwah Lex ( Mohd Hafzani )
1984 - 2006

final year exam
account paper 2
cuaakk cuuaakkkk
but we did well and got best result for it =)

Nov 25, 2009

Worst Traffic Jam ever in Wangsa Link

this worst traffic jam was happened in Jalan Delima 12,Wangsa Link, Wangsa Maju.
it's looked fuken bad..first time bende ni jadi kat sini...
ni bukan sebab ade kete rosak ke ape kew kan tapi disebabkan ade stu kenderaan BONGOK yg blocked jalan..dah tak boleh lori itu nak lalu..and the other side plak kete honda accord yg juga besar nye tidak terkire turut memblocked jalan...heheee ;p
the best is..he/she never put their phone number...

ok, that vehicle was wira WTI5253
above gambar kete tuh...this picture i was captured after the guys yg diatas itu
mengalihkan kereta tersebut dgn care mengangkat kete tuh...
perhhh...tabitttttt la beb...kuat tuh...

the car still kat situ even dah 30minutes berlalu......... siapalah empunya tu kan...??!!!!

Nov 24, 2009

Tangan tak reti duduk diam....~

haisshhh..napelah ngn tgn i nih? dari tadi duk pegang keyboard nih...walhal, i dah xde idea nak tulis ape utk hari nih...all the words dah "HILANG"...

i nak cite pasal rayyan la...budak comel ni dah masuk 8 bulan. and now die sangat lah active merangkak..and baru last week my sister told me that die dah nak panjat tangga..adoii..rayyan rayyan..and dak kecik ni jugak kuat merajuk...heheee....jgnlah korang amek ape2 dr tangan die kalo korang x mo dengar jeritan batinnyeee...hahaaa.. ;p

time ni Rayyan tengah action kat semua orang yg die dah pandai merangkak...dengan mengangkat sebelah kaki ke atas sambil menjelir lidah..bluueeekkkk....

Already Gone

Remember all the things we wanted
Now all our memories, they're haunted
We were always meant to say goodbye
Even without fists held high, yeah
Never would have worked out right, yeah
We were never meant for do or die
I didn't want us to burn out I didn't come here to hurt you now I can't stop I want you to know That it doesn't matter Where we take this road Someone's gotta go And i want you to know You couldn't have loved me better But i want you to move on So i'm already gone Looking at you makes it harder But i know that you'll find another That doesn't always make you wanna cry Started with a perfect kiss Then we could feel the poison set in Perfect couldn't keep this love alive You know that i love you so I love you enough to let you go I'm already gone I'm already gone You can't make it feel right When you know that it's wrong I'm already gone Already gone There's no moving on So i'm already gone


- it's over -

dear you..

here i wanna apologize for all those things happened.
i can't fix it...and im not going to fix it..! at first, i thought i jz wanna sum space for me and for us, figure out what is right or wrong. try to changed bad feeling to the opposite side..try to understand each other... i dun wanna make things worst..i dun wanna hear people's judgement.. and i tak nak people keep blaming you or me bcos they dun event knoe what's actually going on!
yes, that was my fault when it come to an end...but this not what i want to....!
i tak planned semua ni..this relationship is wrong...i can't event trust u anymore and i knoe u haf the same
feeling kan?
honestly, i sayang u, but this is not the best for us.

so I wanna let you go,n will never turn back time. there's sum1 deserve to you out there...!

time to say Goodbye... u'll always a friend in my life..!

thank you for everything and sorry a lots......!

Nov 23, 2009

old theme~

hey back with the old layout...
yg before ni quit cute...but complicated sket la...
hehee ;p

Nov 19, 2009

usmi ok??? ok kot...!!

a million thnx to both of my adik~Ayin & Hafiz~...
smlm they took me to uptown...our 1st plan actually was makan satey kat Ampang,
but Hafiz cakap jalan we ke Damansara je...
hahahahaaaaa...tak sampai depan OU lagi dah jam terukk....
tu la last choice makan kat uptown....telan je la usmi....hehe ;p

After that we went to Ika's hze...Rahim pon ade..(of corse)
lepak tu..tgk muvie yg separuh jalan...borak2 ngn mama Ika...
sonoookkkk....bessstttt.... :D
terlupe segale masalah yg ade dalam pale otak nih....
Ayin, Ika & Mama's plan to Bali nex year...
alaa..x dapat join...i byk plan nk g thn xpe2....nnti free boleh je kan... :))
tak pon overnite je umah Ika...umah die best..leh tgk muvie mcm dlm wayang..leh karok..leh Rahim yg gile tu pon ade...hehee..

oh bercerite pasal plan i thn depan...
i haf to work hard la...earn money for my holiday nnti...
i nak g turki...dah lame menyimpan hasrat since my dad ade lagi...
harap2 dapat la :))
nk g umrah for 2nd time...insyaAllah...*minta2 tis time ewan still nak support me*
kalo boleh i nak stay di bumi pilgrim im starting to missed that place..
the people and ustaz Andi...heheee...( opsss.....smlm i mimpi die..hadoooiiii rindu sgt la tu..!!hahaa ;P )
ok..back to story...i need a perfect vacation! spend a lotttttsssss of time ngn Mak & adik2..( abg n kakak da besa..da kawen..xyah nyebok ok..!)
wat a beautiful life if i can stay with my mom kat sane tuh..! x yah piki2 pasal masalah..pasal keje...pasal bf kew scandlas kew...ataw cari pasal.....!!hahaaaaa


" dan apa jua yang menimpa kamu dari sesuatu kesusahan, maka ia adalah disebabkan apa yang kamu lakukan dan Allah memaafkan sebahagian daripada dosa-dosa kamu" -Asy-Syura-

new sunglas from Marc Jacobs :)

MARC by Marc Jacobs

finally i found one of my favvy shades...yeahhh... :DD
with the price yg boleh thn but still worth it and even jz ade kaler coklet je but im still heppi...
thx to that salesman yg bersaba ngn i...hehee "guest's always right" kan...
tapi it doesn't meant i melupakan RB4125 i tuh...
tungguuuuuu...i will find it if i go to turki nnti...lama lagi pon xpe la...janji i dapat..!

Nov 18, 2009

i miss my dad badly :(

i really need you..i noe im not a gud daughter for you and always make u feel disappointed with my behavior untill ur last breathe...
im so regretted with dumb..!
i want you right now..
i wanna hug you.. i miss you so much..
people dun't even know how sad i am when u are not around...
i wanna stay with you there!

u cant even read my heart.!

happy?? yes, im happy bcos i haf fwens and my family...
im sorry if i make u hurt...make u feel like im playing ur heart..
and things happened bcos i dunt show it.. WITH u...
im still trying trying trying and keep act to be cool jz wanna make u happy and trying to be try to fight with my feeling...through all the bad feeling away from my mind just bcos of u...............BUT i guess that's not enuff for you...!

thinking of my ex??

-he will never remove from my stop asking me the same question!

tell the truth bout the past??
* it's not that easy...!

im tired of everythingggggg...................!!!!!!!!

Nov 13, 2009

Gracie's Choice

"Gracie's Choice"
Is the story of a teenage girl with four younger siblings, a drug-addicted mother, and co-dependent grandmother.
Gracie takes control of the situations to manage her family which is she gets a steady job, finds a flat to rent and even finds the opportunity of scholarship. She convincing a court to allow her to adopt her younger brothers over her mother's objections. The majority of teenagers can't even look after themselves, but Gracie stood by what she thought was the right thing to do. She never gave up even though people kept letting her down, her mother and even her boyfriend gave her an ultimatum.At the end of the movie, Gracie is living the life as a single mother and bettering herself by taking courses at a community college.

** this is a true story**

Nov 10, 2009

ICED LATTE yummy..~

The aroma. The taste. The indulgence

Treat yourself to Dutch Lady Iced Latte for a delicious breaktime!

Nov 2, 2009

Nenda Admitted to HKL

Nenda admitted to HKL

Poor nenda..
she's sick...and at tis time she's waiting for Pakar Tulang.
Last2 doc xde..sabo je la..
act, punce sebenar xtaw sbb doc said she's ok..
kidney, BP, jantung sume probs at all..
but when we said to doc yg she's fall when she went to bath room..
doc bwat xray..
so bile dah tgk result tu...die punye bone yg kat lutut tu agak renggang and siku die bengkak.
so haf make an appoitment ngn doc pakar.
adoi...sian nenek...
get well soon ye nek :)

9.55am - waiting for makan2..adoi lapar..
*tak mandi lagi...baju pon x tukar since yesterday
and muke cam hampeh....hehe ;p

being gewdix all the time..
patient x sampai lagi..die dah rasmikan dulu katil tuh.
adoii...sabo je la..
and she's wearing my "Tudung"..hehe
dina ... dina ...