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Sep 30, 2009

no words....

a long conversation....
Karma?? now u realized...!!'s too late....!
it's already happened!!

btw, thnx for the shirt...
i'll keep it =)
you tke cre babeh...

Eid's Mubarak Celebration

Usmi Syahida Rusfan
2nd Raya at Bentong.

at wan's
for this time we all raye w/out ABah.
felt so empty and .........

ayin's open hze :)

penan's open hze :)

having so much fun with 'em

Sep 9, 2009

breaking fast with STW family

Venue : Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur
Date : 06th September 2009

Last three days, my friends and i went to Pavi for breaking fasted.
a verity of food yg ade atas meja kitorg time tuh.. enjoying Mee Bakso but bakso me tu dorang tukarkan to Bihun..
spoiled telan je la...
taste die pon ok2 jek...not so bad.

Mee Bakso
( tapi die bagi Bihun)

babes of STW

brother's of Us

this is the movie yang we all tgk after buka puase.
so damn funny movie and cool...
don't missed to watch ye since ade lagi kat cinema..
x rugi..heheee....

i love you Beth Cooper

Sep 3, 2009


when i was in UNITAR, for almost 3 years back...i ade amek foreign language and it was Arabic.
that's not to hard if we really smart for blaja that language. betul...., and some of my BFF(s) conquers 4flat for it. Thank GOD :)

when i was in Pilgrim, sgt susah nak bercommunication dengan dorang bcos they dunno how to speak in English..dari situ i rase cam rugi nye i x pandai ckp arab and can u imagine even the simple word pon i dah xleh nak ingat.. yang i taw...
" halal, khalas, syukran,....and some of words yg biase sgt guna"

so...i was thinking nak blaja Bahasa Arab balik. nak kene cari guru...where and who???
if u guys taw mane2 yg leh blaja roger me k..

thank you :)