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Apr 2, 2009


The 80's were, like, totally cool. Like, totally, ya know? Fer Sure.... even if there were a lot of questionable fashion choices. Parachute pants. Plaid, pleated walking shorts. Huge plastic, multicolored, dangling earrings. Poofy lambchop taffeta sleeved prom/bridesmaid dresses. Flashdance sweatshirts with leggings.
But retro fashion is cool, right? Hip. Trendy even. Maybe it's me, but I just think the 80's are not a decade we should ever, ever, ever look to for fashion guidance.

Vintage clothing has been a hot trend for a while now and one of the coolest things about it is that there are plenty of possibilities. Whether you want to look overdressed, scandalous or just plain different you can easily come up with many different ensembles.I found a good website that not only has ideas for retro women's fashion but it also sells a lot of different items. This website is located at and it has everything from dresses to sleepwear. However, if you want to save money on retro clothing then a great place to look is at a thrift store. Most thrift stores are filled to the brim with hand-me-down's and old clothes that are truly authentic. Sometimes it makes a lot more sense to buy something old than to pay extremely high prices for replicated clothes with nice brand names.