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Apr 28, 2009


do you ever feel, like breaking down?
do you ever feel, like crying?
do you ever want, to run away?
do you ever want to push someone, so far away?
do you ever hope they come back, and still want to stay?
do you ever break down, in the middle of the night?
do you ever freak out, knowing everythings not alright?
do you ever miss, the way things go wrong?
do you ever think, maybe your life is to long?
i do,
it sucks,
cause all i do is cry,
i wake up in the middle of the night and wonder this is happening.why?
id tell you how to fix it but the truth is i dont no,
i really dont even know where im supposed to go or be with...
I think I am just stupid!!
Can a doctor fix a heart that is broken?? Please fix mine.
I am talking nonsense.
Pardon me for now.

for almost 6 years i have been in love for someone who gave me pretty lies and false hope..
now i'm going to fix my broken heart....!


Mimi Shareeza said...

usah nangis benda yang sudah berlalu..
past is past kan..
mmg susah nak lupa benda yang paling kte sayang..
tapi apa2 pun akak kena kuat dan truskan hidup..

akak bumi ni bulat je..
dan hidup ni karma..
hari ini dia diatas kte dibawah..
tapi esok2 pasti akak dianugerahkan kegembiraan yang x ternilai..


p/s:patut lar dat day masa tunang k ina akak usmie kata "kan bagus kalo kapel bleh buat pjanjian bgini.."
so now mie da paham..

usah2 sedih2 lagi ye kak usmie yang comel..

Usmi Syahida said...

thnks dik.
really apprcted it!

Ayu Fafa said...

6 years!

whatever it is.
be strong.
i got this one advice from a friend of mine,

each one of us have one heart.
but it was divided into four,
1st pieces is for our parents,
2nd pieces is for our friends,
3rd pieces is for us, ourself,
and the last one is for the one you love

the point is,
you still have the remaining 3 pieces,
and you have the right to be loved and to loved for as long as you live.

enjoy urself and dont think much.

Honeya Diaz said...

it's hard my dearie... but u can let it go.. only if u let it..

redha syg,
and u tends to get much more better in da future.. insyaallah.. amin..

The story of Saif Al-Hafsham said...

mcm kenal je ayat ayu guna tu..

Tuhan uji setiap manusia tidak sama.kamu hav to be strong..

Usmi Syahida said...

im tring my best to forget but i guess im not strong enuff..
even to hate i dun think so cant..