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Apr 25, 2009

Award utk nko!!

aku xtaw ape yg ko nak sebenarnye dr hidup aku. at first ko maki2 aku after u read my msg to him. fine! i noe i shouldn't, but u dun have the right utk bce msg die. ko bukan wife die lagi ok! ok, let the past be past...then,on 4th jan 2009 again i texted him up. just wanna told him that my Abah was passed away..and again u called me n texted me up..
ape yg ko riso sgt...aku bukan cakap "oh bby, im so in fuken sad now..bla..bla..."
i dun have the mood to talked with u on the phone...but i dun wanna make things getting worst!bcos of that i hve to told u everythings and i hope u trust on me. but if u dun wanna,who are fuken care!!
started from that time, u always texted me and closed to me!
but now, i think u are too much..
u just a good actress in this world..and u should get an award for that.ohh beb, i noe u trying to be someone else now..just go ahead with ur plan to trap me and i'll do the same..speacial for you!!