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Mar 27, 2009


Big sunglasses however are hot (to me that is). Not those that are gigantic and covers half of your face. I mean those really nice shades like the ones the celebs wear. It has to match the size of your face also. Gorgeous rite? And it only costs below than RM50.00! I got a similar one but in a darker brown which i use when driving. Should probably get a new one soon tho. Hehe!

(new trend accessories)

Big purses big sunglasses, head scarfs and flip-flops.

These are some of the fashion essentials of this summer.


( suzie, sal, shinta, farah,amoy)
(eja, mama dayah & feeza)

kegilaan mereka membuatkan saya banyak ketawa terbahak-bahak.
paling istimewa apa2 masing2 berkumpul.
kat sekolah, rapat pon tapi sebab kawan2 punye pasal
tak de hal rapat ke tak rapat kan.
Janji HAPPY ;)
the best part, when we tangkap2 gambar
and suddenly nampak this one couple,
trus sume nak masuk umah..
and i said " panas la kat luar ni. korang jom masuk?!"
feeza Ezaddin yg xtaw ape2 pon sampuk ckp gwe..
"a'ah la..duk bilik dayah lagi best.. ade air-cond"
mau tergelak kitg sumer..
org cite pasal lain, si minah ni duk ckp bende lain..
xpe la feeza, janji kitrg sume Haapy :)
pastuh, kitrg sempat lagi karoke..
syiok gile hari tuh..
dayah mesti suke :D

Mar 26, 2009

"Mysterious love, uncertain treasureHast thou more of pain or pleasure!Endless torments dwell about thee: Yet who would live, and live without thee!"
"The sweetest joy, the wildest woe is love"
"Of all the earthly music, that which reaches farthest into heaven is the beating of a truly loving heart."
There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer;no disease that enough love will not heal; no door that enough love will not open;
no gulf that enough love will not bridge;
no wall that enough love will not throw down;
no sin that enough love will not redeem
makes no difference how deeply seated may be the trouble;
how hopeless the outlook;
how muddled the tangle;
how great the mistake.
A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all.
If only you could love enough you would bethe happiest and most powerful being in the world

face the fate

every person knows in their heart who they are
and when they open their heart
when they tell others their hearts desire
when they live the truth of their heart
they suffusing the world with gloriousness

and i experience
that i just want to love and be loved
that i just want to love everybody
in a way that feels healthy and good

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

i made a promise that i wonder no more
i dream myself to all the good things in life
my happiness i won't sacrifice
i made a change
no more messing around
no longer running with no place to go

im about to start a new
i just needed time
to open up my heart
and live my truth


Mar 24, 2009

(i just captured this picture a week after my dad pasted away)

miss u badly, abah :(

4th January 2009, 6-15pm (madinah) Abah telah pergi tinggalkan kami semua.
tgh hr,mak kol kak kema gtaw abah sesak nafas.syida dapat taw,syida trus kol mak.tanye mak abah mcm mane.mak ckp doa je utk abah.syida ckp kat mak,ape2pon mak kene bwk abah balik.ptg,mak msg kak long,gtaw abah dah ok n tgh sembahyang asar.syukur sgt,tapi malam tuh,waktu abah nak sembahyang magrib,Allah amek abah dr kami semue.

seminggu sebelum abah meninggal,syida x sihat. and syida rase sgt x sedap ati..

slalu nya kalo birthday syida,syida akan happy sgt,tp hari tuh syida rase mcm x happy..syida tgg abah wish tapi…

Mak ckp abah asyik tido jek.cepat penat.mungkin sbb tuh abah lupa birthday syida.

tapi ati syida ttp x senang. syida abaikan semua kol kawan2..syida x taw nape time tuh syida x nak jmp and cakap ngn sape2..

sampailah malam yg syida dapat taw abah dah xde..baru lah syida sedar nape.

syida sedih sbb x dpt jumpa abah. seminggu je lagi abah mak n wancu akan balik tapi cume mak ngn wancu je. Syida xtaw nak cakap, adik brdik lain maybe dah boleh trime tapi syida msh mcm x caye. syida rase abah ade lagi kat sane tgh beribadah..susah sgt nak percaye abah dah xde…mmg x nak percya sbnrnyew.

skang ni,syida x tido dalam bilik sejak demam. syida tido ngn nenek n iwan kat bawah. syida x snggup nak duk dlm bilik tuh.

dulu,baru2 pindah masuk umah tuh,abah la yg hias bilik n tiap kali abah dtg kl abah mesti msk bilik tuh n kemaskan. abah ckp bilik syida kene ade bunga sbb syida perempuan,w/pun syida x suke tapi syida biar kan je abah letak bunga tuh..abah iye kan je bile syida ckp syida nak cat kaler pink..abah ikut je ckp syida.

sblum kenduri tunang abg ajam,abah dah wat bilik kecik kat umah kuale.syida igt utk syida tapi abah x bagi sbb abah ckp bilik abah jadi bilik syida .n syida pernah ckp bilik tuh besa n hujung,takot nak tido sorg2.lagi pon kalo syida blk kuale kan syida tido ngn mak abah kat bawah. tapi abah ttp suh syida tido dlm bilik tuh.syida ni degil,syida jadikan bilik tuh jadi tempat barang2 jek n ttp tido ngn mak abah kat bawah. pasni syida xtaw mcm mane nak hadapi kalau dah blk kuale. mungkin syida akan tido ngn mak kat bawah lagi.

tapi..syida sgt bersyukur sbb sempat belikan jaket utk abah. syida akan simpan jaket tuk slame2nya n takkan sape pon yg akan amek.

terlalu byk kenangan bersame abah. abah seorg yg sgt mulia bagi syida. syida takkan dapat abah yg sebaik abah.

sayang abah selama2nya. :(