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Dec 31, 2009

happy 25th Birthday, SHINTA :)


Today is my reborn day and believe it or not, i turn to 25th years OLD...!hehe
a million thanks to my mom for everythings. without you, im not live the life in this beautiful world.
i luf u MAK :)
This is my first year celebration birthday witout ABAH.
i miss Abah b
adly and i LOVE you lotsss :)

for this year, i celebrated my birthday at HR Steak House, Kg.Baru.
ni pun sbb i just lost an idea where to go to...
hehe... :p
im ejoyed my RIPS STEAK

yumm yummy....

the food looked bad but the taste so damn delicious.
i tot nak snap photo sebelum makan,
but lapar punye pasal terlupe lak...
naseb bek sempat captured gak..hehee

Dec 29, 2009





Dec 28, 2009

3 days more to my 25th Birthday but....................... almost 25th years OLD! haha....i still dun haf any plan yet for it..and im not in my mood to celebrate it. Besides, this is my 1st year birthday without Abah :(
and mak is not around with me. Takpe2..mak, pray for me depan Ka'abah k :)

People keep asking me

what i want for my birthday
I'm beginning to get frustrated with the question. What do I want, you ask?

Well, that's easy....

1. a happy life ever

2. keep smilingggg :)

3. give hugs more often

4. a PERFECT boifren, fiance & husband ever :) hehe ;p

i do want everything that i want to full this life.....and it is
HAPPY....happy ever after!

Dec 24, 2009

" manager "

what the F!!!! u guys nak taw tak, last two day i dapat this one called from Butterworth's Office and the person who was called me tuh mengatakan yg die "Manager" baru company. What?? i dun't even knoe that...!?ok, tak pe whoever he is, wateverrrr? he said he wanna come for audit. Audit??biar betol hang nih...since when ade plak staff dtg kl for audit? tp yg best nye, nak dtg kl and suruh i amek pudu...!!what??who the hell are you "mr.MANAGER?" urrmm and he said "syida, u taw ke rumah en.SS's mother in law?" heellloooooo.... of course i knoe..she is my grandma ok..!bongok..!!

yesterday, after lunch i trus g my grandma's and amek kete for "mr.manager" tuh. Nak taw sgt muke die camne..handsome kew?but sadly i can't stay lame kat opis bcos ade emergency, then i passed the car key to

This morning, i msuk je opis im too excited nak dgr cite about this "manager" but syg skali, no one met him up kecuali said, "dah la lambat sampai, p**o plak tuh.."
fine!! i tot cite pasal die ni berakhirlah sudah...tapi...
around 11.45am ade sum1 tekan door bell, i tot salesman bcos rupe cam tak terurus...or maybe runner yg send the courier so i pun dgn senyuman yg ikhlas lagi manawan membuka pintu...
dgn riak muke cam mcm hampeh, this guys took off his shoe and "paappp"---> campak ke rack kasut, and also melemparkan envelope ditangan nye ke atas meja reception dan berlalu pergi ke Litigation department. i yg berdiri tercegat kat pintu ni...shocked...terdiam seribu satu bahasa and dlm hati i.. he the "Manager"?so bad as "manager" sppsed introduce urself to staffs ni tak, masuk2 buat muke kerek and then panggil manager kl utk discuss..then panggil i msuk metting room and tanye from a-z bout office. heelloo??
" saya di amanahkan oleh en.SS utk pantau semua branches and i nak upgrade kan company ni. i tak suke amek cuti and i lebih suke gunakan cuti i utk berjumpa client2. Esok i ade appointment dgn bank."katenye.......woi...esok cuti umum..mane de bank bukak ngok..!!and blaa blaa.......
lame gak la i kat dlm tuh, naseb baik manager i panggil g lunch kalo tak, tak makan la i...

time lunch, borak2 pasal en.manager tuh, and rupenye2 he's nobody in the company ok. boss suruh die dtg kl utk amek kete and wat marketing body...geraamm...


Dec 23, 2009

December full with happiness

hey, how is everybody? =D
i havent written anything here for almost a week...wat along time.

Probably, im too happy in december 2009..not bcos birthdae i je there's a lot of good things happened in this few getting better :)

1. izza's wedding - being a reunion for me, farah, eja & apit. we had so much fun together :)

2. dina's birthday - mak, ajam, kema & family , kak long & famil, caer, iwan, adik, awey & me. woww...sumer ade :)

3. bby's bdae : even lambat 1 day to celebrated, but me & bby enjoyed chilling just both of us. seroonokkkk =D

4. i met sum1 that haf been so loooonnnngg time never met up. and thnx for the gift :)

5. newborn nephew on 23rd december 2009 which is TODAY ;)

6. and a loooooooooootttttttssssssss thingssssssss happened make me haaapppyyyyyyyy

Dec 17, 2009

tak mandi pagi...

actually, this is not happened to me ok..!dun get me wrong..! hahaa..
just now ade mambang ni called i and said that die tak mandi this morning bcos tak sempat..
tak sempat??ohhooo tak masuk di akal....! jz berus gigi and cuci muke je..yg bestnye, si mambang ni leh cakap lagi "takde sape la nak bau i? kalau yg taw tu pun u sorang je.."
ok mambang, here i wanna let evryone know that u tak mandi pagi ni...busuk!!! hahahaa... :p

ok, tu je story utk penutup hari ini. sekian, terima kaseh.

Happy 4rd Birthday to DINA ♥

17th December 1995
HKL 11:58pm

Today is my niece's birthday. Happy birthday Dina. Udhe loves you lotssss...
We live together since Dina was delivered..i saw she grown up every single day and omG...Dina dah besar rupenye...u're already 4 years old and become a "KAKAK" soon.

everybody said that Dina n I byk persamaan such as :

i love makeup, so do Dina...
i love to dance..oh,dina too obsessed with dance,
we love cheese and tibits and bla bla..
and we're cute...people knows that..hehe

last year, i dah beli a set of school stationery bcos DIna love to write and read a book.
so this year i still tak de idea nak bagi ape for birthday gift.
ape2 it must be something yg Dina suke..
and surpriiseeeee....

anyway...HaPPy BiRThdaY DINA...

Dec 16, 2009

girlfriends in my LIFE

Alah & BBy
both are them are my BFF(s)
i can't live this life without them cause they're so meaning full to me..everytime we meet up,
mesti ade yg keluar air mata bcause of lawak yg bongok2..hahaa and the best part when Bby looked confiuse and her face being so kelakar ok..! we can't even stop laughing by hearing Alah's laughed, and it sound so buruk...but she's cute. to both of you, i am so proud by meeting u girls. luv u so much ;)

Ayin.. she's my little sister, my life and my day & nIght. She's always be by my side to go through ups and downs....
happy and sad and she's always borrowed me her shoulder to lay my serviette to wipe my tears..she keep my secret well and will never disappointed me..oh adik...thnx for everythings...

Erien, Eira & Pea...they are also part of my heart. They're my bestfriends, beautifuls and they have thier own personalities.. i just wanna tell you how much you girls mean to me. I don't know what I would do without a great friend like you. You are my best buddies I have ever had. thnks for being my friends & my adiks also :) and sorry for all my wrong.

♥ ♥ ♥

RPKians since 1997 - 2001
i love you girls sooo much.

Gain People's Respect

Being respected is something that very important. We all want our friends and family to look up to us and think of us as who u are. Gaining respect can be difficult, if people aren't used to giving it to you.

The best way to earn respect is by meaning what u say. Be honest at all times. People want to be around someone who is truthful. Don't make promises if u cannot keep it well and don't give people false hopes. This is simply a disaster waiting.

Don't badmouth to other people. When you talk negatively about someone else, the person you're talking to often wonders if u're doing the same thing to them behind their back. Do give ur honest opinion about others if they asked for.

Respect can be a tricky word. Sometimes people can respect you for things u don't like bout urself. The most important thing is that u have self-respect. If everyone in the world respects you, it doesn't matter at all if you don't respect yourself. Figure out your strong points and where you want to improve.

Dec 15, 2009

shopping............window shopping.........

i just went back from lunch ngn office mate i..we having our lunch kat A&W (again) and i am so enjoying makan waffer with 2 scoops of ice cream with strawberry topping. perhhhh....yumm yummmy...

Then we pusing2 Wangsa Walk Mall and kebetulan my manager tgh mencari perfume. so singgah le ke F&E Perfume. i ni dah la sangat obsessed dgn fragrances lagi syok la i duk lame2 dlm kedai tuh..hehee ;p My manager was bought Euphoria Perfume yg juga one of my list for fragrances.
takpe la...die dah bli so i kene usha yang lain. and i saw "Lacoste Classic for Women"
wooww...i nak i nak..beli beli...hehee...

Euphoria by Calvin Klein & Lacoste Classic for Women

oh..harap2 dapat bonus, confirm i will buy this Lacoste =D pls boss pls..bagilah bonus 2 months..tak byk kan..!??haha
ok2...haf to stop here now bcos nak cont buat keje...cari collection sampai dapat bonus...i have to submit before 25th December 2009. All the best Usmi :)

Dec 14, 2009

Teh Afifah Shahirah

Takziah kepada Teh Afifah Shahirah

Teh Afifah Shahirah
She's nobody...not a actress or a singer..
she's not a celebrity

11th December 2009 mengubah segala2nya dalam hidup Teh.
Dia menjadi tumpuan ramai dengan kisah yang amat menyayat hati.
Suami yg baru menikahi Teh pergi utk selama2nya menghadap Ilahi.

Tidak dapat i bayangkan betapa sedih & pilunya hati Teh dengan tragedi menimpa diri Teh.

buat Teh,
i feel sorry for your lost and i harap Teh tabah dgn ketentuan Ilahi.
Ini ujian buat Teh..dan percayalah Allah lebih menyayang Arwah suami Teh.
Teh & Husband ditemukan,dijodohkan dan disatukan olehNya
maka, perpisahan ini juga ditentukan olehNya.

tinggal kenangan : Moga arwah suami Teh ditempatkan bersama orang2 yg soleh.

Saat manis Teh bergambar kenangan dengan suami tercinta.
i am so sure he loves you lots.

*mari lah kita sama-sama sedekah kan Al-Fathihah buat suami Teh Afifah,Mohd Ariff Ab KAdir..


Dec 11, 2009




happiness & joy
peace & good cheers
may all this be yours
year after year
congratulation on ur marriage



perjalan kami yg jauh dipandu oleh Paan Ezra who is BF kepada Farah Ezra
juga merupakan pemandu yg berhemah. steady at line 2 & 3 jek..hehe
Thanks for sudi membawa kami (Eija, Apit & me) bersama :)


Paan Ezra & Farah Ezra
harap2 lepas ni korang la yek...

Eija, Apit & Shinta
Masing2 masih menunggu turn.
yang sure si Shinta itu Usmie the last one la..doyaii...

bergambar kenangan bersama pengantin perempuan.

pabila SHINTA berbaju kurung............

Friday, 11th December 2009

mostly, semua perempuan kat Malaysia ni wearing B
aju Kurung every Friday.
betol tak?? so tak hairanlah if i pon same gak..

Align Left
tapi, hari ni bile i pakai baju kurung
semua warga Suhaimi, Yahya & CO bagaik
an terkena kejutan budaya..
termasuklah aunty
cleaner..boleh aunty tu ckp kat i:
"puan sangat lawa ini hari. ada kenduri ka?"
amboi2 aunty..mulut takde insurance kew?
but im not very often la pakai baju kurung nih.
if tak baju kurung, i akan pakai jubah or sum clothes yg mengikut kesusaian hari Jumaat..
dat's y aunty tu cakap ca
mtuh...hehe ;p

i igt kisah i pakai baju kurung dah stop di pagi hari tapi..
bile msuk je opis..lagi cam hampeh..
"syida, kenape hari ni nampak lain?"
itulah soalan die tiap kali nampak i pakai baju kurung.

kesimpulan nye.. i mmg jarang pakai baju kurung
so, once i pakai je mereka2 ini akan merasakan sesuatu yg berlainan
ibarat.....?????alamak tak igt plak pepatah tuh..haha la namenye Hijrah..
im trying to change myself
bagi my mom proud dgn i...
and everytime she see me die akan senyummmm sampai ke telinge


mungkin di suatu hari di suatu tempat ana akan memakai seperti ini.

Dec 10, 2009

i did it..! yesss ;)

this few weeks im so enjoying food
people said there's a devil in my body..that's y i kuat makan but tak gemuk2..
just now, 10-12-2009 and it was Thursday
i just timbang my weight.
if last week i nye berat 42kg, but for today ade improvement..
yeehh my weight dah 43kg... 1kg increase...hehe

i luf to eat candy and i am so obsess with it.

i luf root beer with float.
yummy yummyyy

brown toast bread
with white coffee :)

u haf to :


2. tidur tidur tidur tidur

Dec 7, 2009


al-fatihah buat sahabat, Abg Mat @ ZAFUAN.

Takziah kepada keluarga arwah atas pemergian yg mengejutkan ni..
this is shocked to us especially to his family... as i knew,die kena jangkitan kuman kat Otak.
God love we haf to face the fact that he's no here with us anymore..

im not knowing him well but selama i tahu pasal abg Mat, he's a gud guy..and he's nice person.
when im was in high school...i alwes saw him naik moto g skolah by bike..
and u noe wat..i called him by the name:
"mat asap moto wangi"
serius...wangi gile...bcos he used "Minyak TuTi" ( if im not mistaken la..)
and the way he bawak the moto pon style gak..hehe..comel jek...!

he was GONE forever and rest in peace

May God Bless Him...

a perfect life

......... i love my current life..

i haf my family even w/out Abah, but it's still happy and Perfect..!
i love them soooo much ;*

~i haf my BFF(s), --> and they so meaningful to me :)

and i haf everything...except...BOIFREN...but there's not a big problem. Maybe one day he'll come or maybe he will not... God willing :)

mom said,

"if u want a man..i meant a gud man in ur life..u haf to be gud first....then u'll haf him. InsyaAllah."

Dec 4, 2009

- sakit hati -

***k *f*.....!!! aku benci ko la siottttt....!!!!



it's owkey uSmie... lek je k..! he will get "CASH" nnti....!!

Dec 3, 2009

1/2 malam bersama Ayin , Tam , Alan... adik, Ayin text me up and asked for kuar jalan2 ngn die jap...
i pon ok jek...lagipon boring x bwat ape dirumah itu..huhuuu

actually the first plan sppsed to be Girls 1/2 nite only..but otw to Curve si Tam a.k.a Khairil Zawani called alang2 kepalang...i ajak je die join Curve tam ckp leh tak anta die balik?
yaa..ofcorse la..takkan nak tinggalkan si boipren aku ni tepi jalan plak...bongok2 je kan...
so i ckp kt tam,

"ok Tam, jumpe di sane!"

Sampai je sane, me n ayin lepak starbuck...minum2 gosip2 sebelum si tam n kawan die sampai..."girls talk". banyakkkkk cite yg dibualkan.....sooonoookkkkk..hahaaa ;p

pastu, we all g jalan2 nak cari "sesuatu" utk "seseorang"..sshhhhh rahsieeee hahaa...
dengan pertolongan tam & alan, akhirnye kami jumpe juga bende itu.hehee =D
Pertemuan bersama Alan berakhir di B1 autopay... see you later :) hehe

time for Tam menDrive kete membawa kami pulang.....huh???oh tidak tidak...
tam membawa kete utk membawanya pulang....ehh tak tak...kitorg amek hafiz dulu kat TTDI...
pastu lepak kat padang pastu baru balik...hahaaa...

hampir jam 11pm baru sampai rumah...hehee.....

** b.o.s.a.n **

- make up -

i dapat terlalu byk msg di FB n MSpace
and majority tnye i ape yg i pakai utk muke i nih...
i pakai MAC ke??STAGE?? and bla..bla...

so i kat sini i nak share ngn korang...
and i love to see people cantek n comfort dgn diri sendri..
im too obsessed ngn kecantikkan


Nivea Sparkling White

sebelum i pakai Product nivea ni, i penah try gune x berhasil...kulit i lebh teruk minyak nye...dah macam leh buat goreng ayam gak, my mom asked me for tukar kpd yg i tried Nivea and at last, kulit muke i yg agak comel nih pon sudi menerime nyew.... I dah gune bende alah ni dari i skolah menengah lagi... so kulit i mmg da sebati dgn product NIVEA nih..hehe ;) and i akan teruskan tradisi Nivea ni hingga ke anak cucu nti..insyaAllah ;p

Untuk menampal muke i, i guna:
Revlon- One Step compact makeup.03 sand beige
Age Defying 2-way Foundation.( yg color merah tuh..!)
so muke i xdelah nampak sgt berkilatnyew...hehee

part pipi:
utk Blusher plak...i pakai
Revlon smoke rose -09
i suke sgt kaler ni sbb nampak mcm natural jek..konon2 mcm i mmg dilahirkan dgn pipi yg agak kemerah2an la...and utk lebih sempurne i pakai brush yg agak besar supaye rata je la..

*actually, sebelum u guys letak blusher, sppsed make dulu mata...ikut step yek..!

part mata:
bab conteng mata i x cerewet sgt and i memakai ape saje yg ade..
macam2 jenis product i i paling suke
elianto punye la..murah n cantekk :)
eyeliner pon i bedal sume asalkan cantek n murah.
utk mascara, skng ni i pakai
Loreal Telescopic Clean
yg ni mmg senang gile nak remove..x yah pakai make up remover.

part mulut:
i gune juga revlon..x kesah la kaler ape pon..and skng i pakai Body Shop..
tak boleh sebenarnye..x sesuai ngn bibir i yg comel ni tp sbb kaler die cantek i pakai gak...
so dibawah inilah hasilnye.....
senang bukan...
ikutlah care saye :)

si Shinta itu Usmie

Dec 1, 2009

Happy December to All :)

i would like to wish happy December to all Decemberians. Well, i just hope this month will be a best month ever... and to those who celebrating their birthday at this month, i wish u guys Happy Birthday and may God bless all of of luck in everything k :)

02.12.1986 = Eira
02.12.1989 = lisa
04.12.1995 = Ewan
05.12.1987 = penan
07.12.1986 = Mai & Apex
17.12.2006 = dina
19.12.2009 = baby
29.12.1984 = ekin
30.12.19?? = honeya
31.12.1984 = yatt & shinta :)

Nov 27, 2009

- tragedi malam raye haji -


Aduh, pedih hati tak terkate bile dapat taw yg umah i kene pecah masok...di malam raye pulak tuh..
sanggup toi si penyangak tu wat2 keje time raye camni...bongookkk..!!
baru je sehari mak n ewan tinggalkan umah tuh, dah jadi camni...rase nye mangkuk hayun tu mmg dah usha lame kot..!
u guys nak taw die msok ikut mane?TINGKAP yang di grill...die cabut all the skru...and masok ikut situ...creative sungguh...
tempat yang paling teruk diselerakkan tempat sembahyang mak....
habes sume die sepahkan...berterabur sume barang...yang sedih, takkan la die tak rase bersalah buat keje2 tuh bile nampak qu'ran, kitab2....sejadah ke....
and die macam taw2 je kat mane my mum letak barang kemas i...
dah la nenek yg bagi...habes sume die sapu...
bilik my brother yg sulung tu pon teruk gak...
all the money yg die simpan utk wat hantaran habes, perfume2...jam2....bags pon die sapu...naseb la hp baru abg i tuh die tak nampak....
bilik My Abah pon die sepahkan jugak.....but takde ape yg penting...cume document2 pnting tuh die sepah2..n koyak...
bilik i,my adik2 and guest room naseb xde brg yg penting...cume nak kemas balik tuh sabar jap la kan....
umm..takpe2...Tuhan akan balas balik kat die nnti...tunggu je la....